Sidewalk Tavern is based around the age old concept of “eat, drink and be merry!” It's somewhere to meet up with old friends, or make new friends and to enjoy the company of each other whilst enjoying good food, good wine, beer and good hospitality.

924 East Coast Road, Siglap 459115
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Monday to Friday 3pm - 11pm
Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday 9am - 11pm

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Monday to Friday 3pm - 8 pm
Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday 12pm - 8 pm
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Good Food | Great Booze | Terrific Ambiance

About Us

We love to cook

Sidewalk Tavern is based around the age old concept of “eat, drink and be merry!” It's somewhere to meet up with old friends, or make new friends and to enjoy the company of each other whilst enjoying good food, good wine, beer and good hospitality.

The extensive menu is designed around this concept. There is a mixture of Western and Asian dishes, spicy or comforting, healthy or indulgent, red meat, white meat, fish or vegetarian. Regular special dishes are offered to provide extra interest for our gourmet 'foodie' customers.

The large wine list is surpassed only by the beer list and once again designed to satisfy a broad range of tastes and complement the food. A large range of bottled beers augments the five draught beers available.

On the weekend and on public holidays, an all day breakfast is available. On Sundays, we do a traditional roast for lunch & dinner with roast beef, lamb, pork & chicken. Large screen TV's provide an opportunity to enjoy your favourite sporting events with your friends. The friendly atmosphere extends to the prices, with many customer comments about the reasonable prices. City quality, suburban prices! A relaxed dress code makes Sidewalk Tavern the perfect venue to relax with friends over good food, music and drink.

Sidewalk Tavern's roots are Australian, reflecting the things that made Australia famous for being laid back and fun loving. Our food and drink are upmarket Aussie pub food with an Asian twist. Aussie sports events feature prominently on our TV's. The humour is definitely Australian.

Come and bring your mates! It's also a great place to meet new mates.


Western & Asian

Our food

At Sidewalk Tavern, our menu is huge. We know what it's like to go out with a group of friends who want different things. Our large menu helps overcome this problem; there's something there for everyone.

Everything is prepared and cooked in-house to guarantee its freshness and quality, with the obvious exclusion of our meat and vegetables which are sourced from reputable suppliers who follow best industry practice and source from sustainable resources.



Available on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, our breakfast menu comprises Western favourites and is available from 9am. If you've just flown back from Europe and wake up jetlagged at 2pm and your tummy craves an English Breakfast, no problem! Head on down to the Tavern where our all day breakfast awaits.

Sunday Roast

From midday on Sundays, we offer a traditional Western style roast meal. We roast beef sirloin, lamb, pork and chicken, along with potatoes, carrots, pumpkin and a green vegetable. Also available is a Family Platter which combines a half roast chicken with two other meats, i.e. beef, lamb or pork. The Family Platter will easily feed two adults and two children. We roast limited quantities so it pays to be early.



Available from 3-6pm and after 10pm daily, these bites are for those in between times when food is needed to go with your drinks.

Main Menu

Available Monday to Friday from 5pm to 10:30pm and on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays from midday until 10:30pm, this menu is comprehensive with both Western and Asian dishes, meat, fish, pasta and vegetarian selections.


Kids Menu

The kids are now old enough to sit at the table and it's nice to have a family meal in a restaurant, however the cost really stretches the family budget. We've been there, done that and know what it's like. We keep our kid's menu affordable to make it easier to enjoy that family meal in a restaurant. Our kid's menu is for children 10 years old and under.

Special Menus

During the year, we suspend our normal menus for special occasions, e.g. Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mothers Day. A special menu is devised for those occasions.


"Work is the curse of the drinking class"!

Our Drinks

We won't put any wine on our list that we're not happy to drink ourselves

Yes, we do enjoy our tipple, as a matter of fact we enjoy it very much. We also enjoy the company of like-minded tipplers. We have a large drinks menu to give you maximum choice. We believe that variety is the spice of life.


On Draught

Our draught beers are the ever popular Tiger, complemented by 4 beers from Archipelago, the micro brewery under the APB umbrella. These are Summer Ale, Bohemian Lager, Irish Ale and Belgian Wit.


Bottled Beers

We have a large range of British and Australian bottled beers and also beers from Germany, Spain, Belgium and Mexico.



We have an extensive range of Single Malt Whiskeys from Scotland and Japan, plus all the usual spirits you'd expect to find in any establishment that enjoys seeing friends relax with each other.



Our wine list is large and not parochial. Although our roots are in Australia, we believe that good wine speaks for itself and comes from all corners of the globe. Accordingly, we have wines from Chile, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Spain, France and Italy.


Functions & Parties

bring it on

Ok, the team have done well and need to be rewarded.

Or, they've been working hard and now feel a bit flat. Time to let them unwind.

Or, a popular workmate is leaving town and you want to give them a send-off.

Or, your best mate has run off with your wife and you really miss him.

Whatever the occasion, the Tavern can take care of you. We don't cater for large groups, we're just not big enough, however the best parties are always with a small group of good friends or colleagues. Let us know what the occasion is and we'll do our best to help you out.

Birthdays are something of a specialty for us. Personally we've seen too many and only celebrate the fact that we keep having them, but we do enjoy watching others celebrate in style. We'll do our best to make that happen. Sporting events: we have two large screen TV's in house, so every seat has a view. We're especially fond of rugby and AFL, but also enjoy a good car race (F1) or even the English Premier League, which is saying something for an Australian, especially a South Australian.

For some of the major sporting events, we have a minimum spend of $30 to deter the plonkers who want to watch a game and sit on a can of coke all night, denying those more deserving of a seat. I know it's hard to comprehend, but they're out there.


+65 6448 5979

Monday to Friday 3-11pm

Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday 9am - 11pm